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This page is split into sections to give you a insight into VINDICATOR CARS:-

1)   Vindicator Sprint & "What makes a Vindicator?" (including various Techi-bits!):
2)   Vindicator Vulcan and Vindicator Shadow:
3)   Vindicators in competition use and other background info:
4)   "Turnkey"/kit/any stage in between - to your spec. What's the limit of your imagination?:
5)   Vind-events:
6)   Vindi-future:
7)   Conclusions:


1) Vindicator Sprint & "What makes a Vindicator?" (including various Techi-bits!):

VINDICATOR CARS launched the SPRINT in 1991. Comparisons have been made to a traditional "Seven" shape, but the proportions of the SPRINT are very different, as the design started with it's chassis layout rather than saying "I want a car that looks like this". The current SPRINT is lighter than earlier examples, having evolved due to racing, sprinting and hill-climbing. An even more lightweight version is also available for competition use.

The company motto is "handling and ride quality come as standard, power is your call".

The reason for the slogan and the difference between the SPRINT and most other "seven-esque" models, is that the seating is towards the middle of the car, rather than against the back axle. The standard overall width is nearly 6 feet (1.75m+) across the rear arches, with an option for extra wide arches that are from a different set of moulds. A current SPRINT is approx. 11'5" (3.48m) long, but allow approx 9" (23cm) extra if you fit an external wheel.

Anybody with the right engine and ratios can go fast in a straight line, but if you haven't got the handling, balance and ride quality, you won't have as much confidence to use whatever power you have got, ....... you could just end up going "drag racing with interruptions!" as we say at VINDICATOR.

The chassis is a rigid steel spaceframe, designed so that the engine is fitted well back, with the footwells adjacent. This method allows for a cockpit nearly central to the structure and a fuel tank ahead of the rear axle, lessening the "live pendulum effect" of the fuel, i.e., when you turn, it always wants to go straight on! The further the tank is from the centre of the car, the more effect this will have as the fuel hits the tank wall and baffles. Adding the weight of a driver (& passenger?) near the middle of the car, gives roughly a 50/50 weight distribution.

If you want to play on a "see-saw", it's boring in the middle, so you want to be out on the bumpy bits! However, if you are in a car and you want to avoid the effect of an uneven road, you will need to be as near the centre as possible. Most sports cars feel smooth on a "snooker cloth" track or on a dual-carriageway, but sadly, many of our roads just aren't like that. Whenever possible, our road demos include a mix of good quality roads and rough streets to prove a VINDICATOR does what it says on the ... website!

This near-central seating position, weight distribution and track width, contribute to the SPRINT'S balanced handling and comfortable ride. It doesn't try to "tail-steer" (unless severely provoked!), or drive straight on at comers, which is all the more impressive when you consider that in standard specification, no anti-roll bar is fitted.

This chassis layout allows room for a large, lockable boot behind the tank, which is ahead of the rear axle. A basic boot tub option has enough space for a sports/overnight bag and a tent, etc., making this much more than just a "fun car". If custom-paneled, however, this area can give twice as much luggage space. The boot doubles as a "buffer zone" in case of an accident. The layout also provides a spacious interior with a wide tunnel that allows plenty of "elbow room".

The front suspension involves adjustable coil-over shock absorbers teamed with fabricated double unequal length wishbones. The rear is fully independent by means of single (or optional double) wishbones, again with adjustable coil-over shock absorbers. Brakes are discs up front with drums or discs at the back. The chassis also features adjustable ride height as well as front castor and camber angles. Another option includes the use of rose joints where appropriate.

The engines normally used are Ford, ranging from the crossflow to the V6 and turbo Cosworth, with Zetec superceding the Pinto as the current favourite. Sprints have also been built with V8 (Rover/Chevy/US Ford!) Vauxhall, Fiat, Alfa & BMW engines, whilst others will fit - the full flip front gives easy access.

To sum up, the engine is always set at least a few inches behind the front wheel line; the width leaves room for the footwells to project along the sides of the engine (even with a V8 fitted). This allows the tank to be ahead of the rear axle. All the major weight is therefore within the wheelbase.

VINDICATOR - "it's like a racing car with a tax disc!" (customer comment)

2) Vindicator Vulcan and Vindicator Shadow:

Utilising similar chassis proportions to the familiar SPRINT, these models include the traditional VINDICATOR ride quality and handling with the style of a full width bodied sports design, providing even more interior and boot space.

The VULCAN has been developed from the SPRINT, building on the same steel backbone chassis, albeit slightly wider, thus providing even more generous cockpit space, for which the SPRINT has always been well known.

The SHADOW continues the natural development whilst remaining true to VINDICATOR'S overall theme. This most recent model takes the evolution of the VINDICATOR chassis to the next stage and combines it with a modern but original body style. The SHADOW has been developed as an everyday vehicle for those with an eye for style, but a need for even more practicality. To this end, increased comfort can be combined with more storage space without losing the race bred handling that has been developed through the SPRINT and VULCAN race cars.

3) Vindicators in competition use and other background info:

The development of the SPRINT is based on sound engineering practice. Roger Lea (company founder) developed the car utilizing knowledge gained from an active involvement in motor racing.

VINDICATORS compete in Hill Climbs, Sprint Events and the 750 Motor Club Kit Car Championship. We can assure you that fierce competition of this sort "takes no prisoners" with regard to integrity of chassis design and overall durability!

The SPRINT is the ideal choice for your entry into motor sport, be it in the form of Hill Climbs, Sprints or Circuit racing. Due to the wide range of engine options, you have many classes open to you. The VINDICATOR chassis will take any Ford engine from a crossflow up to the V6 & Turbo Cosworth. Other engines used have included the Rover V8 - see section 1 for more options.

With most VINDICATORS currently based on a Sierra donor car, there are plenty of competition parts available - from vented discs to limited slip diffs. One of the benefits of choosing a VINDICATOR as a road car, or to compete in, is the high degree of road holding. This is achieved by positioning the engine well back in the chassis with the seating position and petrol tank well forward (for this type of car), thereby concentrating the weight in the centre of the chassis.

You will find that the VINDICATOR "turns in" extremely well, yet maintains a well-balanced attitude in the long fast corners, thanks to the substantial wheelbase and the stability provided by the wide track rear, plus double wishbone front suspension. All VINDICATORS have independent suspension as standard that, along with the central seating position, contributes to an excellent ride quality. For more details, see "What makes a VINDICATOR?" above.

4) "Turnkey"/kit/any stage in between - to your spec. What's the limit of your imagination?:

All VINDICATOR bodywork features a pre-coloured gel coat (12 standard, 300+ options, plus a few special effects), so they don't need painting unless you want something really exotic.

A VINDICATOR is a strong, quality sports car that can provide you with hours of fun and freedom. Although we obviously want to continue to increase our sales, we see VINDICATOR CARS as a relatively low volume producer with a high importance attached to quality control and customer satisfaction, often combined with individual specification. This results in many of our cars, part builds and kits being individually tailored to a customer's requirements.

Due to the shrewd design utilizing a single donor (usually Ford Sierra, but optional BMW), you will not have an endless list of "essential "items from different cars to complete your VINDICATOR. The construction is straightforward and "value for money".

We are able to provide a build service from "just sealing & riveting the aluminum internal paneling" or completing various stages of a "rolling chassis", through to a "full build". Alternatively (like many others have already done), you may prefer to buy the modules & look forward to a sense of achievement & being able to say "I built it myself". We want a VINDICATOR to be known as an easy car to build, so if you choose this option, "you don't have to be a rocket scientist".

Our most popular request re ‘part-builds’ is for us to ‘dry-fit’ your unrestored donor parts to your chassis. This results in you being able to collect (or have delivered) a rolling chassis, rather than immobile objects and boxes of bits.

You can then remove, restore and refit all the parts, ‘a corner at a time’, with the advantage of the vehicle still being mobile in between jobs. The build is therefore still done by you, but more conveniently and with the confidence that ‘everything fitted when it arrived, so you know where it goes back’!

We can also strip the parts off your donor car to begin with too, if that helps, i.e. if you would find a donor shell difficult to dispose of or are short of space, time .. or both!

You will have the opportunity to use our revolutionary build manual on CD ROM, particularly when building a SPRINT. This includes multi-media presentation involving pictures, wiring diagrams & pages of text to either use from the computer screen or print as and when you want, plus video sequences of the build to play at the touch of a button. This is thought to be the first of its kind and has received rapturous welcome from the magazines and kit builders alike.

You will also have access to the Vindi-Tech "help-line" to help sort out any queries you have (it's not a silly question if you don't know the answer). You can always bring us into the build at any stage to do one job or the complete build. Each model is able to pass all the IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) requirements.

5) Vind-events:

Our regular events, including Roadshows (often Saturdays) and track days, are a good introduction to VINDICATOR CARS, particularly due to the presence of current "VINDI-OWNERS", "VINDI-BUILDERS" and "VINDICATOR Owners Club Rep's" who pop in for a chat. These events can also be a chance to see a skeleton chassis; display and demo cars, owners' cars, videos and of course, the CD ROM build manual. Please see the "News & Events" page, or contact us, for more details of these and forthcoming events, plus what is likely to be featured at a particular event.

It is also advisable to phone first to make a specific appointment, particularly if you would like a demo of the build manual, a test drive, to visit a build team, or to make alternative arrangements if you cannot get to one of the events.

6) Vindi-future:

Keep an eye on the News & Events page for details of exciting developments as they unfold.

7) Conclusions:

All three models are also available as fully built cars (known as "turn-keys"), self-builds, or partly built. Our revolutionary CD ROM build manual presents Sprint instructions in a multi-media format for those who want some or total involvement in the build. Vulcan and Shadow builders will also find the CD ROM useful. As described earlier, the contents range from video sequences to wiring diagrams and still pictures that can be viewed on screen, or printed out. Please see the "News & Events" page for details of how to purchase a CD in advance.

A build, or kit, can be tailored to suit individual needs. These include even wider/longer cockpits; 4x4; different engines; competition preparation; 4 seater versions; etc.

What's the limit of your imagination?!


VINDICATOR - "handles like a large comfortable go-kart!" (ex-karting champion)



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