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For more pictures and information about each model, please contact us by web or phone.
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VELENO - Via Agency


John Butler of Vindicator Cars can now also bring you the VELENO.

John is looking forward to the challenge of marketing the Veleno supercar.



Other 'Services' available:


In addition to our regular models, please see the services page for news of our abilities with builds – from minor work to a completely new model.




photo of Vindicator Sprint

A vaguely sevenesque sports car featuring -
race bred handling, wide tunnel & interior with comfortable mid-seating;
tank in front of rear axle and practical lockable boot space; engine behind front wheel centre line.
This is therefore not a ‘7 look alike’ as all the major components are
spread evenly within the length of the wheelbase and the weight of the
occupants is based around the middle of the car.
For more luggage space, the XL option gives an extra 5” boot length.

Excellent value for money; revolutionary multi-media CD Rom build
manual, featuring text: stills and videos.

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photo of Vindicator Sprint Mk4

Panel upgrade for new Sprints. Can also be available as an update for an existing Sprint.

Features include a more curved bonnet and a new front cycle wing design that's wider and has angled ends to flow with the lines of the new bonnet.

Other options include a rear pedestal spoiler (that can also be fitted to a Mk3) and front splitters. For more luggage space, the XL option gives an extra 5" boot length.

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SPRINT XL (extended boot)

photo of Vindicator Sprint XL

Illustrated on Mk4 Sprint with Mk3 in the background.

The XL boot is also available with Mk3 bodywork.

Further options include rear pedestal spoiler and (for the Mk4 only) front splitter pack.

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photo of Vindicator Family

Always wanted a sports car but really need 4 seats?

Because our seats are already in the middle of the car, we've only had to increase the wheelbase by 12” to include a spacious second row of seats.

By using the XL rear framework (but with a standard boot lid) the resultant lockable boot space becomes larger than a standard 2 seater Sprint.

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photo of Vindicator Shadow

Distinctive sports tourer [rear spoiler optional]
With internal storage shelf, or roll bar space, behind the seats.

Large lockable boot.

Available with full flip front or with a traditional bonnet.

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photo of Vindicator Vulcan

Two seater sports car -

unique design with full flip front for easy engine bay access;

similar chassis layout to the Sprint, but with even more spacious interior; large lockable boot. [full screen or aeroscreen options]

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Please see further down for more models



- Weather gear is available for all models.

- Sierra or BMW Donor

- Wide variety of engine choices as engine bay is very adaptable, inc; Ford; BMW;
Rover V8; Vauxhall; Fiat; Alfa; etc.

- GRP Bodywork available in 12 standard Gel Coat colours, plus 300+ options, therefore no spraying necessary unless specifically required. (standard range includes, 2 yellow; 2 green; 2 blue; 2 red; orange; turquoise; black; white)

We specialise in tailoring your build, part build or kit, to your specification, so don't be afraid to make serious enquiries about this facility. We love a challenge!


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The F4 has been a 'Dream Achievers' Project -

A unique design inspired by the F4 Phantom jet

If you would like to commission one, or you have any other unique ideas for a design of your own, please call us and we can help you achieve YOUR dream!


F4 Progress

The Vindicator F4 has now been treated to an engine upgrade. The F4 is a car in the style of an F4 Phantom jet fighter.

After having its engine upgrade (a new 3ltr 24v Duratec), air conditioning added and canopy operation sorted (compressed air), it was stripped back down to a bare chassis.


It has now been painted and it’s last job (trimming) is due to be sorted in the near future.

It will be available for viewing, by appointment, whilst the rebuilding process continues.

Please let know if you would like a specific invite to the open day planned for the F4 launch.

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photo of Vandicator -Redfern VantageVan, Pick-up, Custom hot rod?

A recent addition at Vindiworld is the Redfern Vantage (now also known as “The Vandicator”!). This is a multi-purpose vehicle in the style of the early 1900’s C Cab - so named because of the curved window behind each door, for better visibility and manoeuvrability in traffic.

We have already had a few enquiries about this versatile and practical vehicle from a number of businesses.

The original Redfern Vantage (pictured) was built as a delivery van / mobile workshop and features horizontally-split rear half doors. The top section is longer to provide shelter whilst loading/unloading. The lower section folds down to extend the flatbed for carrying, or (with adjustable fold-out legs) to provide a work bench.

In addition to the early 1900s C Cab replica van, this vehicle could be available with a wider body or as a pick-up/open flatbed with optional frame and cover. It can also be made available with extra side windows and more than two seats.

Fitting chrome wheels to the demonstrator has illustrated the possibilities for “wild ‘n’ wacky” custom/hot rod developments (perhaps with wider arches!).

We look forward to more enquiries for utilizing either Ford or BMW donor gear in a variety of formats from a complete vehicle to self-build modules, plus mid-range options (e.g. a rolling shell for you to finish).

Although cost depends very much on individual specification, our aim as always, is to supply a quality product that can meet a wide range of uses, but on a sensible budget. Whichever format you need, there is plenty of body panel space for advertising your business, or for adding artwork/custom graphics.

Whether you’re looking for a workhorse, a practical multi-purpose vehicle (possibly with more than two seats), or the base for a custom hot rod, why not call us.

As John says, “what’s the limit of your imagination?”

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Veleno available via Vindicator agency


Please contact John on 07886 177 531 or send us an email to john @ for more details.






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Venom GT2 & Roadster


The rights to the Venom Roadster & Venom GT2 models have been sold to another company. Please contact us for further details.


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718 Spyder Replica available via Vindicator agency


Please contact John on 07886 177 531 or send us an email to john @ for more details.


718 Spyder





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