for sale

Looking for a ‘ready to go’ car or project?


We often know of previously enjoyed kit cars and projects

(Vindi and other makes) that are for sale.


Please contact us for latest info on what’s currently available.




Want to sell your Vindi, or other kit car / classic?


Tell us about it in case we know of someone who might be interested.




Projects for sale


We know of a couple of Sprints and a Shadow for sale.


Looking for a discounted kit, build, or any stage in between?

Perhaps a donor pack or a replacement panel or two?


The move to our new bigger unit - and clearance of an additional storage area - has highlighted surplus stock panels, kit parts and enough donor parts (with associated registration docs) to get a few more projects out there.


Please contact us for more details




If you have already sold your Vindicator, or bought one,

please let us know so we can update ‘Vindi History’.




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